Versatile Media

Versatile Media is a successful media company that has been a recognized and trusted production hub for 30 years with a sole focus on virtual production workflows for film and TV production using real-time rendering technology as well as creating original animation and live action IP.

Versatile media
Versatile Media is a creative production studio with a brand new 12,000 sq ft purpose-built facility in Vancouver, Canada.
We understand the importance of strong characters and story all married with the highest quality visuals. 
To improve our creative pipeline we have incorporated a suite of realtime technology into the filmmaking process. This virtual production gives full creative control to directors and cinematographers, helping them reach their unique vision. 
This new collaborative workflow gives you the confidence to know you’ve achieved your vision whilst increasing production efficiency.

Versatile Media has 3 locations including Vancouver, Hangzhou and Beijing.

Our complete, realtime pipeline includes everything from real-time animation, virtual production workflows to a permanent large format LED production stage. The technology fully adopts all virtual production pipelines for the use of film, television and animation productions. 

In tandem, Versatile has created an IP division that is developing our own original content as well as strategic co-productions. The focus of projects will be in the SciFi realm both live action and animation.

Versatile is currently re-branding and building a newly designed website to match our global strategy of developing our presence with our virtual production pipeline and original content creation.

In the meantime, please feel free to reach out to us directly or via our social media channels.

VP and Head of Studio: Steve Read
Marketing and Business Development: Roula Lainas